We use a Wiki-like mode to interpret this gallery page. You will also would like to view Retrospect of Mathematics.

  • Reading:

Matrix Group

–An Introduction to Lie Group, By Andrew Baker.

Reading Note No.1


Partial Differential Equations(coming soon)

–Partial Differential Equations, GSM series, By L C Evans.


Complex Analysis

Function Theory of One Complex Variable, GSM series, By Robert E. Greene and Steven G. Krantz

Cartan Theorem Note 1

Cartan Theorem Note 2

Koebe Theorem Note 3


Potential Theory (coming soon)

–The textbook for this semester of Luis’ class, by Lester Helms.

  • Listening

Yale University Open Course

–Game Theory, By Ben Polak

Listening Note No.1

  • Writing

About Tomography Theory(in collection, the title is not decided yet)

–Inspired by a lot of tomography papers.

Writing Note No.1

Writing Note No.2

  • Watching


–Something about Mathematics.(coming soon)




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