Another Hack Day

Record: Cracked another password today.

Time : 8 hours, collects 2M .ivs data, in three files.

This time I encountered a better router, which filtered my MAC at very beginning.
Solution: Use kismet and press SHIFT+C to see other stations which are connecting the router. Use macchanger to change MAC s.t it cannot be filtered.
Also  use -3 option to attack and get ARP requests. Ping the stations to produce more data.


Though WPA/WPA2 are theoretically crackable, but even with i7 quad core, it is impossible to crack a 10-letter alpha-digits password in feasible time[like thousands of years], BUT 2WIRE router’s default setting is a 10-digit password, thus we may crack it in about 20 days, if CPU does not suck.

OR if using GPU[try google pyrit] to process the cracking work, even my old fashion Nvidia 9600M GT [1.1, very basic], can perform a 3200 PMK/s, and a quad-core i7 is just a bit better than that, the best graphic card can boost to 80000 PMK/s, that means a 10-digit password can be cracked in hours.

2WIRE router sucks.


4 thoughts on “Another Hack Day

  1. 我这次黑进了别人的路由器,linksys的,居然是使用默认密码和用户名。真想帮他们设置下加密方式和MAC过滤。

  2. The owner had found out someone was cracking his/her internet, and changed the password with MAC filtering. However, I cracked another WEP internet which was far away. Now I am trying to crack a WPA encrypted internet, about 80 days to crack it. I will write some post to record it,


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