Computation or Inertia

Recently I found computation for me is more of a form and not a field. The more I read about the inverse problems the more I thought of getting rid of pure computational area. It created inertia and exterminate originality.

I always asked myself what’s going on with my calculation, maybe it is a pretty long time since my last exercise of calculating formulae. Instead, programming has been a very delicious dish on the mathematical dinner table, every corner of mathematics was filled by automatism. Is it cool?

From the ATP(Automated Theorem Proving), like Wu method, probably mathematics was on its way into a new space, but the originality of mathematics was blown away, unfortunately. Applied mathematics has been always linked to computers, what will we do if  all the world were black out?

From Functional Analysis, mathematics was paving its way into every single atom of the earth, we need know the theorems themselves but not to use them to solve practical problems, that are other professional staffs’ work, what mathematicians should do is to create theorems.

I love puzzles, but unluckily, I am not good at it. I’d like to waste my time finding an impossible solver rather than relying on programs flashing the results.

No offense.



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