What might be more essential

Experienced vs. tyro,who would win?Even the mosr brilliant thinkers cannot find the answer,in other word,it is not only a matter of the ability but also the luck and courage or other personalities.I would appreciate those who are assiduous always,though most of them could not transpass the talented genious ones.Sometimes I consider it is a lifestyle to provide my thanks to myself,sometimes I would be extraordinary vile to put myself on an uncomfitable situation,maybe it is often,whatever,I don’t care.Further in this discussion,no wonder the carefulness would direct a proper way,however,this world is more and more ignorant even the essential principle one would forget for excuses.Yet,I think I still have opportunities to overwhelm and conquer the difficulties,what I need is to calm down and gloss my eyes on one thing,as I often said,put all eggs in various baskets and hold them.Maybe this period for me seems to be a bedlam and even cannot be controlled,I still want to say,to trust you is not tough,what might be more essential is how to continue my own style of striving.
That’s all.

About YiMin

This is just a nerd PhD student of Math@UT Austin.

2 thoughts on “What might be more essential

  1. 艳艳 says:


  2. YiMin says:

    TO fyy:只是发现这几次考试出问题的症结所在了。


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