impressed by kids

maybe they kids know more than us or we become indifferent of these.whatever sometiimes I get to consider about what love means,i even cannot find a definition for it,however,in other words,love is not to definite but to sense,that’s why when people come to this and dumb to it.we experience too much and we take doubt of it,in the past,we may think that love is the purest thing,and you were cheated by your ideal love,then you doubted everything,including friendship.that’s the commence of sole.nobody knows what will happen next,what we should do is to trust each other,any hesitate will shake the foundation,of course,for love.
it ‘s not a mattter of caring each other like your papa and mom,it’s a matter of the world.anyway,maybe next second you will meet your Mr Right,maybe next second you will lose it,trust your feeling,don’t let it escape a loser,i mean i regretted for my stupid…….but i think no chance for me any more.

2 thoughts on “impressed by kids


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