updating in Facebook(Gossh…)

Gossh….everything goes wrong today,and I don’t know why.later in the afternoon,I went to EA  to browse my space and found it necessary to update my Facebook account,but I found myself confused by the Class year,because not everybody was giving the right year he or she would graduate from Uni.Then what’s more?I wasted $1 to send a gift which I thought should not have been sent out for I shouldn’t have had the mimic money.Ahhhh….
Things began to drive me mad,tonight I ‘v some other things to do,but now I’D BETTER to take a rest,the analysis problem seems to be harder than I thought three years ago,maybe I havn’t been working on it for long,but now nobody can stop me from go to have a shower except one person……..

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This is just a nerd PhD student of Math@UT Austin.

4 thoughts on “updating in Facebook(Gossh…)

  1. Crystal's Palace says:

    看了你的好多日至 跟新速度太快了 每次看都会更加鄙视自己 同时小小的羡慕一下你~

  2. Crystal's Palace says:

    还有 你日志的更新速度超过了我看它的速度

  3. Ke says:


  4. YiMin says:


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